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October 9, 2021



When it comes to the funnies bow to shoot, hands down a recurve. Great starter bow, nothing wrong with it, i just want to upgrade.

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This simple and practical compound bow comes in black, blue and camo finishes.


Starter compound bow reddit. Pse stinger x $300 great starter bow. Pse’s miniburner is a full fledged compound bow. The diamond archery infinite edge pro is our top pick for the best beginner compound bow.

Top 13 best compound bow for beginners review 2021. The parts are cheap as is the bow. They have quite a large variety of bows, from small tatar bows to the big, chinese manchu bows.

The weight is adjustable from 15 to 40 pounds which means that this bow can really grow with the child. This is truly a rig for shooters age 6 to 60. Diamond’s infinite edge is also a full compound bow and is adjustable from 5 to 70 lbs, a huge range of weight.

Of course, when i got to the shop, the salesman persuaded me that an alternative (more expensive) bow would suit club (ab)use much. Good for a lot of things. Not a bad starter bow i say.

If you remove the peep sight you won't be able to properly use the sight points in the circular housing. Top highly adjustable bows for women. They retail in the $200.00 range.

Velocity youth archery race 4×4 compound bow package. The bear archery apprentice 3 compound bow is a fantastic bow for beginners and advanced archers. Iq sight can be added for negotiated price.

It is built from composite material and it weighs 4.4 pounds. Comes with arrows, quiver, hard case. Obviously proceed with caution and try to get a bow shop to check it out but i ended up getting a 2017 flagship bow ($1000+ new) a few months ago for $525 off of craigslist.

(scroll for pics) comes with full setup ready to hunt. Selling because i would like to try a different bow. You can adjust its draw weight from 15 to 60 lbs and its draw length from 15″ to 27″.

It has 9 gold tip pro 400 arrows, two quivers, 5 pin spot hog sights. I have the frieze for my kids. With a draw length that adjusts from 13 to 31 inches and a draw weight that adjusts from 5 to 70 pounds, this bow will work for just about any archer.

Hunted for one season with it and was able to harvest a nice bull. You can use both if you want, but you would have to deal with the extra weight and you would have to select which quiver gets drawn. It is lightweight with only 2.8 pounds and it has a length of 28 inches (axle to axle) its raiser is made from aluminum and it is smooth with no rough spots.

Lots of folks out there just really like to have the latest and greatest (which is great, don’t get me wrong) and you can find some amazing deals. This is a discussion as wide as a sea. It is admittedly more difficult than using a compound bow (the most common hunting bow), but far less rewarding.

A quiver attached to your belt/back: More of a reactive shot which i enjoy. Good bows and great customer service.

The riser for this bow is made of aluminum; Starter bows are great for learning accuracy and confidence, not to mention bow maintenance. Best compound bow starter set leader accessories compound bow kit.

Set at 60 lb weight and i believe it’s at 29 in draw. 27/28” draw, poundage is currently at 70lbs. I just put a new trophy taker limb driven rest on it this august.

I also have a bowtech insanity. A quiver attached to your bow (see the picture of the compound bow): I had a mathews z7 extreme set up you could have gotten for about what u get the cruz we for.

Parker bows are a poor mans mathews. Very adjustable and easy to upgrade. A compound bow requires, on average, 80% less physical strength to pull back while expecting the same draw weight as a recurve.

I have a friend who took the sights off his compound bow and shoots very well. We are talking compound though. You can pick those up decently cheap.

It is long 31.5 inches (axle to axle) so it is suitable for kid and female shooters. I’m selling my pse compound bow. It was the first bow i bought.

Southland archery supply sas scorpii 55 lb 32″ compound bow (black w/accessories…. Keep that in mind when making your purchase. + can contain more arrows.

It may have been because he was shooting a longbow before he got a compound. I nearly bought one of these for the club as a bow that beginners and novices could have a go with just to experience the delights of compound archery, based simply on the fact that it was cheap. If you also prefer on building your own bow, the compound bow can be a great starter for you to attach the accessories you prefer.

Mathews smaller and more compact bow good bows. It’s better to focus on features that help you develop your skills. You don’t need to get the best bow out there.

Hyf compound hunting bow kit: Ali bow is known for doing good quality stuff for a decent price. Recurve bow hunting is still alive and well—you absolutely can hunt using a recurve bow.

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