Is Starting A Sentence With A Preposition Ok

November 4, 2021



Never begin a sentence—or a clause—with also. Starting a sentence with an introductory phrase that begins with a preposition and ending a sentence with a stranded preposition can be grammatically correct.

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(read more at ending a sentence with a preposition.) however, after i posted the article about ending sentences with prepositions, i was surprised by how many people asked if it is ok to start a sentence with a preposition.


Is starting a sentence with a preposition ok. Not beginning a sentence with but is a rule of thumb.this is not a hard and fast rule. Starting a sentence with a conjunction (e.g., and, but) in the past, schools were rigid in their ruling that sentences could not start with coordinating conjunctions, such as and or but.however, this ruling is now considered outdated, meaning it is perfectly acceptable to start a sentence with a coordinating conjunction. Some prepositional phrases can be moved to the beginning of a sentence in order to create variety in a piece of writing.

Rather, it's a simple guideline you should apply to avoid risking a common grammatical mistake, namely: Go to this list of prepositions if you need to, and try to write as many sentences ending with a preposition as you can in fifteen minutes. If good grammar is about ensuring clarity, why would anyone have a problem with a harmless conjunction at the beginning of a sentence?

It’s okay if the sentences don’t go together, but you get bonus points for, one, the funniest sentence and, two, the best imitation of a western pennsylvanian. Ending a sentence with a preposition: This use is called a preposition, and “because free speech” is a prepositional phrase.

Prepositional phrases at the beginning of a sentence At one time, prescriptivist grammarians were very srtraight laced against beginning sentences with prepositions. So go forth and end sentences with prepositions, but only when it makes sense to do so.

Is it ok to start a sentence with a preposition? Grammar snobs love to tell anyone who will listen: Put words where they make sense in sentences.

I’m not a fan of starting a sentence with a preposition. Discussions describe how to improve the sentence, and revisions demonstrate the solutions. (in is a preposition) what kind of car is he coming in?

However, a lot of people don't know how to do it. However, this prepositional use does not start a sentence, but rather comes in the middle of a sentence. The issue with ending a sentence with a preposition is more a matter of style or rhetoric than grammar.

It’s ok and it’s not. —james brown, the american system of english grammar, 1826. Adjectives may be placed between the preposition and the object in a prepositional phrase.

That’s an obsolete rule that was never true. The best way to start a sentence with a preposition is in an introductory phrase. The terrified child hid underneath the heavy wooden table.

Starting a dependent clause with because. In most instances, you can use because to start a sentence when you start the sentence with a dependent. Sentences (and clauses) that begin with with are doomed to be weak.

Avoid beginning a sentence with “with”. It is very possible to create a grammatically correct sentence that begins with but; I've never heard a rule forbidding that practice.

Clearly, as a master in the use of the english language, it was one grammatical rule he was reluctant to put up with. I believe it’s ok, but i’m not completely certain. In my experience, he was mistaken.

Look at the following revised sentence: Let’s end every sentence with a preposition. Take these two related sentences as an e.

But that changed long ago!! The following sentences suffer from this affliction; It’s as daft as the ‘rule’ that says you can’t end a sentence with a preposition.

Today’s topic is whether it’s ok to begin a sentence with and, but, or or. You should never end a sentence with a preposition! Don’t worry about whether they are prepositions!

I would rewrite and structure the sentence differently. If you want proof, check out this list of references on ending a sentence with a preposition. Or never begins a sentence, paragraph, or chapter.

Trying to avoid this can often result. Although many people were taught to avoid starting a sentence with a conjunction, all major style guides say that doing so is fine. Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which i will not put.

Luckily for those poor, persecuted prepositions, that just isn’t true. Here are a few preposition guidelines: Teach the elimination of but, so, and, because, at the beginning of a sentence.

Beginning a sentence with a coordinating conjunction It has been said that prepositions should never start or end a sentence. Starting a sentence with yet, and, but or so, falls into the same category.

Even if the ‘rule’ was a bona fide rule, it would be a rule worth breaking. A preposition is a word that connects a verb, noun, or adjective with a noun or pronoun, showing the relationship between the two or another element in that same clause or the sentence, “the cat sat between the two trees,” the word “between” is a preposition because it establishes how one noun (the cat) is situated. Also, i don’t like the use of the word and twice there in the same sentence like that.

Introduction to prepositions and prepositional phrases. When you do this, you should usually place a comma after the phrase. Sure your can, but it dépends on the context and the preposition.

Meiklejohn, the art of writing english, 1899.

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