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October 4, 2021



On rare occasions, we may accidentally match a listing with the wrong property's public record. The goal of this class is to review and analyze the square footage numbers contained in the public records system and its influence over the credibility of automated valuation services, the multiple listing service, and appraisals.

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Having different square footage could work in your favor.


Is square footage public record. While this is good practice, a broker is not required to review public records or to pull permits to determine the precise square footage. In the public record search, enter the property address and then results. If you must market your property’s square footage, include a reference for your information, such as an appraiser’s estimation.

Land value, millage rates (the amount per $1,000 used to calculate taxes on property), acreage, square footage and heated square footage. Also, don’t include illegal spaces, storage space, or the garage in your. A difference of even a few hundred square feet can lead to potential buyers overlooking your property if they are searching for a home with a minimum amount of square footage.

“the tax records may have a certain square footage listed, and the listing agent may have a totally different square footage listed. The ultimate goal being to investigate the role square footage plays in every home valuation and to highlight the. 2,200,000 square feet number of stores:

If there are discrepancies in square footage, then they should be disclosed to any potential buyer. Depending on whether a person is the buyer or the seller, having different square footage information from the appraiser could be an advantage. Public records often split out square feet into finished/unfinished which can make it clearer.

In recolorado matrix, hover over the search tab and click public record. You can use public records in matrix to input and calculate square footage fields. Costar public record puts 38 million commercial real estate records at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to understand the full scope of your market.

But even then, there could be a difference between the listing and the appraisal, says rj. For some reason all counties providing public record details for these type of properties include the garage area as part of the overall living area. Given the basis for all property assessemnts is square footage and lot size, it pays to make sure the records are correct.

Big data will change the way agents, appraisers, and everyone who works in the real estate industry does business. Too many amcs think that the assessor’s office square footages are correct, and the appraisers don’t know how to measure. An issue that contributed to the last crisis, the problems with inaccurate square footage details, and all the industries that rely on those details, is changing the face of home valuation.

The records include the relevant information assessors use to set property taxes: Sellers want the appraisal to show more square footage because that raises the chances that the house will appraise for the value of the contract. Simply follow the steps below to find the square footage values you need.

I know this because the discrepancy in square footage for multifamily properties i’ve measured & inspected always plays out this way when comparing to public records size. Unfortunately, some appraisers just “fudge” the measurements to fit the assessor’s records. Assessments are public records, so they're free to look up online or off.

For example, position it along the lines of “per tax records (or per a recent appraisal), the square footage is approximately xxx.”. Complete a public record search: Public records and the big data myth of the “official record” for square footage will be revealed and students will learn why not to trust in big data, and specifically how it could impact realtors® in the future.

Sometimes agents rely on the very same tax record numbers that appraisers do to find square footage. When the mls and public square footage do not agree, the mls typically is more reliable. The pyramid companies year opened:

10 reasons why public records and the appraiser’s square footage can differ. Property records for real estate brokers. Since many real estate websites pull information about homes from public records, it can also result in incorrect square footage on online listings.

Since banks and lenders will only offer about 80 to 90 percent of what a home's appraised value is, if the home's actual square footage is different than what is listed on the documents, buyers may run into a issue with receiving the needed loan amount.

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