How To Use Traction Boards

November 10, 2021



The one's i got are off brand, for the limited use i'll have probably. The recovery board provides the traction to the tire to grasp the treads on it.

Look at this zulilyfind! Flexible Car Wheel Traction

It also allows spreading the load on the whole recovery board.


How to use traction boards. Compared to other recovery methods, maxtrax are considered by 4wd training experts to be one of, if not the safest option on the market maxtrax require minimal. As in you are alone in the middle of nowhere and your traction boards are your only way out. But they’re absolutely essential recovery gear that every overlander should carry.

Maxtrax recovery boards are incredibly expensive compared to the other more affordable. I angled the board on a log and put my wheel right on it. Even if you have a winch onboard your rig, sometimes the only thing that can get you unstuck is a good pair (or two) or traction boards.

Joined mar 13, 2020 messages 1,377 reaction score 1,346 location mesa, az vehicle(s) Orcish recovery traction board tire ladder. To get the vehicle moving smoothly, one has to use two rows of lugs against the front tires to drive over it.

Add some grip tape or bed liner on them. Traction boards { if you mean plastic boards about 1 foot wide, approx 2 ft long with raised gripping strips } i've had some of these & discarded them. There’s a few tips that will help increase your likelihood of successfully getting unstuck:

They are great for the solo adventurer as you do not need a second vehicle to get unstuck. I have made a bunch of converts to them because of how easy they are to use. Providing the durability is the reinforced nylon construction.

Nano recovery traction boards in front of the tires. I use traction boards now since it's so easy to just toss 'em under the wheels and go, but like i said, we managed to get around for years without them. Traction boards are one of the most straight forward recovery tools.

Traction boards can also be used as a “bridge” to help the vehicle get over steep objects or ruts. Once you’ve gotten a pair of traction pads, how do you actually use them? And these are our favorite.

I have seen smittybilt boards break with easy use. These traction boards have caused quite a stir as they typically come in at less than $75 compared to the maxtrax brand sitting at well over $300+. Maxtrax recovery boards are a simple and innovative way to get your vehicle out of a messy situation by giving it traction it needs to lift itself up and out of the mud, sand, or snow.

Traction boards may seem cliched. You can use the traction boards while riding through sand, mud, snow, rocks, and ruts. Just don't use as kinetic rope, i've seen someone doing that now traction boards are the new hotness of kool guy stuff to be a overlander but a couple of 2×8×8' cut in half might be a better option to plus you can set your jack on them.

I would rather use them than the winch since you need to have an anchor in the right place. The arb tred pro recover traction boards were actually introduced as part of a collaboration between arb 4×4 accessories and tred. I don’t see myself needing to use them as a bridge, but i decided to do this test to see how resistant they were to bending.

They are a must to bring when wheeling at the dunes. It provides you a better grip to raise the tires and entire vehicle to get over obstacles. I would recommend going with a better name brand if it is something that is possibly a life or death piece of equipment.

See below how to use different types of recovery gear: How to use traction pads. When i'm running back roads i always have traction boards, they have gotten myself and others out in mud and snow many times.

It’s also lightweight and won’t be hard for you to always keep the mats around. The bunker indust traction boards are all about versatility and durability. They are used to get you unstuck from snow, sand, or mud.

There are many traction board manufacturers on the market. Safe to use on all terrains. The rest of the gear makes the recovery faster and easier , but it also creates a certain amount of hubris about what situations you'll tackle.

But yes, never go off road alone!

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