How To Start Locs With Comb Coils

September 28, 2021


If i wanted to start locs and had a mohawk i would simply let my hair grow and begin small comb coils as my hair grew back. But the initial length always depends on your desired length.

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My Locs!! Day 1 comb coils VS. Currently 4 Months loc'd

If you have longer hair, comb coils tend to be a slower technique as the coils can take a while to loc internally.

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How to start locs with comb coils. Comb coils vs faux locs. You take the edge of the comb to the root of a section of hair, then roll the comb while pulling downwards. These are also referred to as gel twists.

This style is not recommended to begin locs on hair that is over 4 inches longer as it will take longer to from the locs. Despite it being looked down on and discriminated against, the hairstyle has persevered. Combs coils are a loc styling.

Locs has been a part of black history for a long time. It has even developed into faux locs and crochet braid faux locs among others. The styling is created from your own natural hair.

If you are looking for a quick result, then you can install loc extensions. Your hair would be placed between the teeth of the comb and twisted from the root to the tip to create the uniformed coils. The comb coil method requires a bit more skill than two strand twists.

The styling is achieved by attaching locs of hair to your cornrows or box braids. I may even use a texture sponge because honestly everyone that has locs that wanted to experience color in their locs are experiencing a loss from the color damage from years of the trend of chemically coloring the. On clean hair, you hairdresser will part your hair into square boxes.

When starting locs, you have to take into consideration, the density of the hair, curl pattern, and hair texture. The loctician will section your hair and use a rattail comb to tightly coil the hair, officially starting your journey. Besides, the comb coils can be perfect for any kids of hair texture.

There are many ways in which you can start locs. Starting locs with comb coils. The4 requirements of this method are also affordable.

There are others, but they’re more than likely nothing more than offshoots of these basic, foundational methods. You do not add hair when creating comb coils. Comb coils can be a great way to start your coils.

Comb coils uses a comb to create coils that are roughly about the size of a pencil. “i recommend seeing a professional to start your locs if you are looking for a neat loc, and want to avoid the damage that can happen when locs are started incorrectly. Faux locs are an imitation dreadlock.

Shorter hair will lock fairly quickly using this technique. Professional locticians tend to prefer to use a coil twist comb but a normal rat tail comb can suffice. Based on the name of the ‘comb coil’ technique, the loc is formed using a comb.

Due to the hollow nature of the coils, it takes some time to fill up and properly loc. For those persons who live an active lifestyle, coils may come loose depending on hair texture but can be easily coiled back into place. Shorter hair will lock fairly quickly using this technique.

Some will use gel and wax, while others suggest not using anything but moisturizer. They closely resemble micro locs or passion twists. Braid locs are ideal for those that sweat a lot in their scalp or that wish to maintain their locs with interlocking.

Comb coils are usually used to start traditional “marley looking” locs. Here are a few ways: The following is a list of the most common ways to start locs.

The hair may take longer to lock and more maintenance due to the fact that the coils unravel a lot during shampooing. Why start locs with finger coils ? It involves placing hair between the teeth of the comb and twisting from the root to the tip to create uniformed coils.

If you find that you’re not ready to commit to locs and just love the comb coils, you can wear the comb coils as a style and remove them before they start to loc. Issues aside, this is also a great style in and of itself. How to start locs with comb coils.

Finger or comb coils is one of the most used methods of starting locs, it is achieved by wrapping the hair in a spiral motion. Comb coils are also another popular way of starting locs. Starting your locs with comb coils is almost always done by a loctician.

This method is perfect for people with a tight curl pattern. This type also tends to unravel a lot but is fairly simple to install. There are different methods to start dreadlocks.

Moreover, product used to start the comb coils may contribute to build up in your locs.

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