How Much Does It Cost To Start A Bounce House Business

December 3, 2021



Opening an inflatable bounce house rental company requires very little overhead. Cost of general liability insurance.

It’s all or nothing baby Avon representative, Selling

$590/day (an average rental time of 1.5 days/week) weekly income:


How much does it cost to start a bounce house business. The average cost of an inflatable bounce house for sale is roughly $1700, including shipping. These smaller models range in price from just over $1000 to about $1300. A combination unit costs a bit more—almost $3000—but that’s an investment that will be well worth it as well.

Several factors will determine the price of your policy. We’ve been helping entrepreneurs start individually owned indoor jump centers since 2006. Wondering how much it costs to start a bounce house business?

Start an inflatable bounce house business by following these 10 steps: Since we are talking income, lets jump right in and see how profitable this business can be. Are you wondering what it takes to start and run your own inflatable business?

Decide whether to buy a franchise or start from scratch. What is the average size of a bounce house? Seeing the kids having a blast on the inflatables, it doesn’t take too long for an entrepreneur to realize this is a great business opportunity.

That means your first year start up is going to cost around $2500.00. Some people start by renting one or two bounce houses to birthday parties and picnics on the weekends and then use their profit to fund their indoor bounce business. How to start an inflatable bounce house business in 2021 the inflatable bounce house rental industry is relatively new on the scene, but it has seen major growth in recent years.

Now you may know how much your business should charge for a bounce house rental. The study revealed that national bounce house rentals for 6 to 8 hours cost $238.44, with the low average rate being $97.57 and the high average rate being $409.35. How much is insurance for a bounce house business?

The minimum startup costs for a bounce house business: You will need a large initial investment to open an indoor bounce business. There is more to starting a business than just registering it with the state.

Consider investing in at least one combo unit, which will cost you approximately $2,800. * examples are for demonstration purposes only. Of course, these larger models cost more, with averages between $1700 and $2100.

The average cost to run a bounce house for the day is about $1.28. What does it take to open a bounce house business? Each bounce house averages approximately $1,500 in cost and $200 for shipping.

The average bounce house rental price was roughly $150. Cost for one bounce house & slide combo unit and one inflatable obstacle course: If you rent your unit for $150.00, you'll still have paid for your costs in less than 20 rentals.

Your inflatables could begin to pay for themselves in just under 13 weeks! The features a bounce house has also influence the purchase price. In brooklyn, new york, rentals were most expensive, averaging $541.66, while in san diego, california, rentals averaged only $99.

You have found the perfect business idea, and now you are ready to take the next step. Here's a detailed list of a bounce house business startup costs: Each commercial bounce house is $1,499, which means it would take you roughly 12 weeks to pay off each bounce house.

Herein, how much does it cost to open a bounce house business? The maximum startup costs for a bounce house business: The average startup costs for a bounce house business:

Depending on where you are located now and what your business goals are, this article will give you some tips for how to make your inflatable company more successful. A small 1 hp blower will cost about $0.13 an hour, a medium 1.5 hp blower will cost about $0.15 an hour, and a large 2 hp blower will cost about $0.22 per hour. We will give you three business scenarios below:

According to the bounce house industry research, each inflatable can have an average of 1.5 rentals per week. The amount of electricity a bounce house uses depends on the size blower you’re using. Need information on the industry, the inflatable equipment, writing a business plan, insurance requirements and the overall startup costs incurred when opening an indoor party center?.

Check out the chart below for a snapshot of average cgl expenditure across a variety of industries: Bounce house purchase prices average around $1500.00 but insurance will be around $750.00. On average, the standard size of a commercial grade bounce house is 15 x 15 feet.

Indeed it is very much possible to buy a franchise from a successful bounce house rental business or even partnering with a big rental company if you are interested in only owning an investment in this industry. $150 per bounce house rental x 1.5 bookings per week = $225. Remember that each bounce house will range in price from $1,000 to a few thousand dollars.

Like most people, your interest in an indoor bounce house franchise most likely started off by visiting a party center like pump it up for monkey joe’s for a birthday party.

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