Ford Explorer Won't Start Theft Light Flashing

October 3, 2021



We do not have the original key. 1999 ford explorer won't start.

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It needs to b scanned call 0 81 660 649 50.

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Ford explorer won't start theft light flashing. So i got a 2002 ford explorer just bought it went to hook a car stereo system in it now the theft light is blinking it'll turn over but not start i've looked on these pages and done everything these people that tried but still nothing works please help and cannot find this little button underneath the dash spring loaded cannot find The anti theft light is flashing. Bought new crank sensor from amazon and have it put in the new sensor and whala, the engine still the same.

Closely related to the lincoln navigator. 10:17pm on sep 23, 2016. Ford explorer 2004 140008 miles.

03 explorer anti theft light flashing fast! I am out of luck. Is there any way to disable the anti theft as i don't have money to go to a dealership

2004 ford explorer won't start and anti theft light blinks by nobody: My 03 explorer xlt v6 anti theft light is flashing fast it won't start for nothing i've already got two new keys made for it and also tried to disconnect the negative post of battery for 2y minute. The pats system will arm itself if someone attempts to start the vehicle with anything other than the pats key programmed to that.

2016 at 09:11 pm about the 2003 ford explorer xlt v6 4wd. But i noticed the theft light is still flashing. While some erroneously call this system the factory alarm, it really is not an alarm system.

Had it towed, have tried to unlock and lock with key which has worked before; Only have one key and no key pad. So i have power to the car.

I have a 1998 ford expedition 5.4 theft light is flashing and won't start the engine. 2000 ford expedition wont start,security light in dash keeps flashing when trying to start,speedometer and gauges move when trying to start,,,fuel pump was replaced last year,,please help.thanks. Seems like a manufacturer defect to me!

I had a cig fuse blown but didn't know what else to check and i have unplugged battery but i do not know how you reset computer. Hi ben, my 2008 ford escape takes about 30 times of turning the key in the ignition to start. Light is blinking rapidly when i try to start it.

Disconnected the battery about 10 times and left it disconnected up to 7 days this last time. B1213:less than 2 (or 3 if equipped w/valet key) keys programmed to the system. Went to start it today and the key won't even turn in the ignition.

It was running just fine then out of no where it won't start and that light is flashing. B1232/b2103:transceiver internal antenna damaged.replace transceiver. It cranks, but will not start.

This started out less severe as last week i would turn the key, the battery would turn on, but not start, but the second time i pulled it out, pushed it in(the anti theft system requires you to push the key in and turn) and turned it, it would start. Used cars new cars certified cars. But now it won't even turn over.

03 explorer anti theft light flashing fast! It will reset the computer system and your car is likely to kick off. Scan the car and let us have the trouble code ,that will go a long way to solving the problem.

I drove it yesterday no problems. Your vehicle is equipped with a passive theft deterrent system that utilizes a pill embedded in your key along with a receiver contained in the. It didn't come with it when we purchased it.

Now try to start the engine. Lights turn on checked fuses check the starter. It is another way to solve the problem of anti theft system car wont start.

Only one key came with it and it does not have the remote buttons, just a key. Repeat the process at least a couple of times if it does not work the first time. The theft light is blinking.

Used a jumper wire to the starter and the engine turns over just fine. Reconnect it and make sure that both the anode and cathode terminals are tightly attached. I have a 2002 ford explorer.

If it is not lit up anymore, turn the key back to off and leave it for a couple of minutes. A bridge in communication between pats and d ecu. Pats related when stored in pcm only.

I never lost power, but the car sat for a couple weeks. Disconnect the positive terminal of the battery for a minute or two. And i am a third person with a 2010 focus with the same problem.

Took it to the local mechanic to see what is the wrong turned out crank sensor wore out. I've tried disconnecting the battery and that's not working. B1601:unprogrammed encoded ignition key detected (leave ignition on for 20.

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