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September 28, 2021



Making a lint fire starter is an easy project that can be done in about 30 minutes. I’ve read lots of posts and ideas about diy fire starter aids.

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He fills an egg carton with dryer lint and pours melted wax over each spot.


Dryer lint fire starter vaseline. Making the vaseline cotton ball fire starter. With a few simple supplies and a stockpile of dryer lint, you can make several decorative fire starters that not only look nice, but work great too! It is a quick way to create dozens of diy fire starters & there is a great chance you already have all of such components at your home.

Next, get a bag of cotton balls. It's fluffy, fibrous and highly flammable. First, take some dryer lint and roll it into a ball.

Using matches or a lighter will work too. First, buy a container of petroleum jelly. Cotton string/pad soaked in wax.

Whenever you clean out the lint trap, keep a small bucket or container near the dryer. Egg carton, dryer lint, and wax are perhaps some of the most convenient fire starter designs. Sawdust or shredded paper cupcakes.

The process to make a toilet paper roll and dryer lint fire starter. Paper towel, waxed paper and of course dryer lint. He recently showed me his fire starter trick.

The dollar store has large containers for only $1.00. Dryer lint, egg carton & wax. He once made a rifle stock out of a 2×4 for the lil krag that i cut my teeth on up on the farm.

You'll also need some vaseline or petroleum jelly to help light the fire. Such as paper towel or toilet paper rolls. The dryer lint burns up really fast, so you must build on to your fire quickly.

I’ve tried most of them: Take some tissue paper or newspaper and wrap the roll, make sure to leave length the sides of to tie up the excess tissue paper. Putting these together is easy.

Whenever a new person sees me start a fire with it they are impressed with the effectiveness and take that nugget of knowledge with them. My uncle is very resourceful. Head to your dryer for the next product, dryer lint!

Can’t tell you how many times i’ve started a fire in the backyard fire pit with cotton balls or dryer lint covered with vaseline. I learned that in boy scouts. For this diy craft activity you'll need to start collecting some of your recycling products.

Then grab a big glob of petroleum jelly (generic brands work just as well as vaseline, and are cheaper!), measuring about 1 tsp or so. It ignites very quickly, burns well and doesn't extinguish easily, even in a wind. Do not overstuff, though you can fill the lower half more snuggly than the top.

How do you make a fire starter for a campfire? Take a toilet paper roll. When they have entirely soaked up close them in a jar or container so they will be ready for usage.

Place is side up on a plain surface on a cardboard or newspaper that you can discard later. Cotton balls in vaseline/petroleum jelly. I’ve also been the hero at a neighbors cookout a few dozen times as the “man of the house” couldn’t get a fire going and i bring out a ziploc bag and work my.

To make the petroleum jelly fire starters, start by filling the egg carton compartments halfway full of dryer lint. The ball will burn for about 4 minutes, enough time that you put some twigs and other wood on. What you need to make a fire starter.

It has enough alcohol and pariffin, that it makes quick work out of starting a fire, even on a windy day. When making the fire starter, you can put 1 birthday candle in the roll between the tube. The egg carton burns right readily and he get his firing going.

It's perfect for camping, backpacking, or even your backyard fire … My wife always keeps a bin full of it on hand. It burns for a while and when dipped in wax it is even better but not necessary.

It should only take one strike. Fill the roll with dryer lint, till it is half filled. Maintain a supply of electric clothes dryer lint.

We want to keep these out on display near the fireplace, so we want them to look cute. You can also use a dryer lint if you want and make a dryer lint and vaseline fire starter. Dryer lint is the perfect consistency to use as a fire tinder material.

Make sure it is fully dry. Just cut off a small sliver, put it under your kindling, and start with a match. But with a bale of dryer lint and a few other tools, you can make a handy fire starter that will serve you well on cool evenings outdoors.

Corks soaked in rubbing alcohol. Take that lint and stuff it on both sides of the cotton. Instead of tossing into the garbage, throw the lint into your container and keep in a safe, dry spot for future use.

Take your flint and steel and hold it up to the dryer lint and strike. So, save the dryer lint and let’s make a fire starter from it.

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