Diy Shepherd's Hook Bird Feeder Pole

November 4, 2021



Mark the pole at the top of the baffle, and raise the baffle out of the way. Weight of bird feeders on the pole can make pole lean shepherd’s staff pole.

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I have several bird feeders hanging off the pergola that extends over one of my decks.


Diy shepherd's hook bird feeder pole. If you’ve just invested in a shepherd’s hook bird feeder pole, you’ll want a compatible squirrel baffle for shepherd’s hooks like the predator guard squirrel guard baffle. For this project we used: See more ideas about shepherds hook, shepherd, wedding aisle decorations.

14/16inches squirrel proof baffle, plastic wrap around squirrel guard baffle for shepherd’s hook protects hanging bird feeders poles, split design, waterproof,. The shepherd’s pole can be from four to six or more feet in. We hoped maybe a taller, wider pole would make it more difficult for the raccoons to climb since they would not be able to wrap their fingers around the pole.

If you have a bird feeder, you likely already know the damage a hungry squirrel can do.bird man mel has some tips for keeping squirrels out through traditional ways, such as shepherd's hooks, under baffles and hanging baffles, and you can also stop squirrels by purchasing squirrel proof bird feeders.but, for those looking for inexpensive ways to protect your current bird feeder, here are five. Thus, it's a squirrel proof bird feeder pole. The powder coated steel material is rust resistant and overall the design is sturdy.

Adding a bird feeder to an open area without trees requires the use of a shepherd's hook. Diy squirrel baffle for shepherd’s hook. Let the cement mix dry for at least a day.

The classic shepherd hook is a great style for any backyard. The pole system is based on several feeders my parents have, all made by my dad. Additionally, this baffle has a wide diameter to fit around different poles.

With the baffle pointed down like a bell, slip the feeder pole through the hole in the center. The top of the baffle should be about 4’ to 5’ off the ground. These hooks are designed to hold bird feeders and are stylish ornaments that add beauty to your backyard.

The bird feeder pole itself, however, is thinner than the above model (1.25 inches compared to 2 inches in diameter), so you’ll want to use this pole for lighter feeders. And the good news is it keeps the shepherd’s hook from bending even with a lot of weight! Squirrels can be a problem, eating all the food meant for the birds.

Its design is appealing, and its elegant steel finish makes it easy to clean. The reasons start with not being a part of a tree which is like a highway for squirrels to get to the feeder itself. Sporting a graceful curlicue, the beau jardin shepherd’s hook bird feeder pole is our pick for the easiest to install.

But now that the feeder is so far […] Named a shepherd’s hook for its similar shape to a shepherd’s staff, this type of pole is quite good for hanging bird feeders. Today arthur and my dad made a bird feeder pole for our back yard.

Here is how we put the raccoon resistant bird feeder stand together. For a 6 feet hole, mix two bags of concrete and pour it. bird, masonbee and bat houses/feeders.

Bird house hole squirrel guard. It’s been almost 3 months and so far, so good… we are keeping our fingers crossed! Another simple idea would be to use a upside down plastic bucket.

Dig a hole of approximately 6 feet into your garden soil. Using the screwdriver, attach the hose clamp to the feeder pole at your mark. Unlike some of the shepherd's hooks we have above, this one is 92 inches long (about 7.6 feet);

Put the shepherd’s hook evenly inside the hole. Squirrel proof bird feeder pole. March 1, 2016 by susan 22 comments.

We used black pipes normally used for natural gas and/or plumbing systems. The fact that you can install it on a feeder pole or a shepherd’s hook makes it so versatile for any bird lover. Shepherd’s hook bird feeder pole.

First we all went to home depot to pick up the materials.

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