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November 9, 2021



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These are photos of a pellet trap i constructed that crushes together a stack of magazines.

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Diy pellet trap duct seal. Just wanted to post pictures … Adding a clipboard or clip system to the pellet trap, will hold heavy paper targets completes the trap. The front partition moves by turning the wing nuts that extend out the back of the box.

I removed it a couple of weeks ago, and noted how heavy it was, and that there had to be a lot of pellets stuck in it. There are several options but basically you want your trap to be slightly larger than the size of the targets you will be using. By dvdm in forum diy workbench replies:

Here’s where to get the a/c duct putty, or duct sealing putty. Built this nifty little pellet trap with inside dimensions of 6 x 8. Making a portable “silent” airgun bb/pellet trap.

Even if this is just your own personal opinion, respect your fellow members.' My current pellet trap that is filled with electricians duct seal needs attention again. The front has a bar across it that was originally the wall section of a shelf support.

And so i decided to back the pellet trap with a layer of clay like duct seal with a back up 1 3/4″ redwood board. I built a pellet trap for myself and i’m going to show you how you can build one too. Attach the two universal outlets to the outside of the basin per kit instructions.

If you will be using various target sizes, base your trap on the largest size target. I need to replace the duct seal again. 0 | subscribe july 6, 2020 at 1:14 pm link frenchredneckparticipant memberaccuracy:

Forums › other parts, accessories, & equipment › diy duct seal pellet trap views : The connections are allthread ¼ inch. Has a 1/8 metal plate for backing plus the wood, just to be safe.

Duct seal by ideal comes in 1 lb blocks. Uses a home made target printed on 4x 6 card stock. #5 · jun 22, 2004.

I've tamped the duct seal down numerous times, and picked lead out of it twice. That's why we specify and supply it for the archer airguns silent pellet traps. Duct seal is the ideal material to use in airgun pellet traps.

First, the duct seal in the trap is somewhat costly on its own, and second, of course, the labor to build the trap adds to that cost considerably. Remove the two screws from the polyolefin top grate of the kit, and the top grate. So far, it has stopped.

It's nowt fancy, but it does the job pretty well. My homemade trap is relativly simple to make. Another diy silent pellet trap.

Now, again, i find many pellets laying on the ground in front of the trap. I searched the diy thread and decided to make a silent pellet trap. The cost of a quiet or silent pellet trap comes from two things.

The duct seal kind of settles down to the bottom end after the pellet trap has been in place for a long time, so i will remove it from the shelf, pack the duct seal to fill the void, reverse it, and put it back in place. But sometimes folk are not readily convinced and ask for proof of it's ability for pellet trap use. Decide on the size of your trap.

I buolt a 1 foot square box out of pine but you could use plywood as well. Initially i wanted to use duct seal after reading about how well it worked, but the challenge was to find it in sa. I used 1 inch boards.

Grooves in the sides that accept targets. Includes pellet trap, 10 lbs. I use a piece of 4' x 4' x 18mm chipboard covered with one layer of carpet (no pic), which is used as my backstop and is placed directly in front of my 5' high garden fence and the pellet trap is placed directly in front of the backstop.

Hi daniel, here's my pellet trap. I’m a diy kind of guy, and i found a solution that helped me and it will help you as well. Add a steel backer plate between the duct seal and the rear wood panel of the trap;

Before the commercial duct seal traps were available, i made my own silent pellet trap about 15 years ago. In a mere 10 minutes and for under $10 you can have yourself a target stand and a pellet trap in one. Duct seal is available in the electrical department in home depot or lowes in 1 pound packages.

Scribe a pencil line parallel. +1 i know this duct seal trap idea is not new and many have done it already. Hint, it is in the electrical department and not plumbing or a/c filter or duct department at home depot.

This gun is an absolute beast and will fling a pellet through 5/8″ and thicker plywood. Place trap at least 10 meters from muzzle.

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