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October 8, 2021



2 cups sugar, fill bottle 3/4ths of way with warm water (dunno if the water temp effects it or not, just what ive always done) 1/4 to 1 tsp yeast (less yeast = less co2 but longer duration, most yeast = more co2 for shorter time) i use a brand called redstar. If budget is a concern, opt for a lower light tank without co2 injection.

Finally got some driftwood for the tank… now figuring

Fill half the bottled with water, add half cup of sugar, teaspoon of yeast.

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Diy co2 aquarium reddit. I've played around with the needle valve and the most i've been able to get out of the solution is about 6 days. And i only have 9. Recently i've been playing with this setup i got from one of those direct from china sites ( this one ).

High tech tanks run best, especially for a noob, if you invest in great equipment from the start. You don't have to spend a lot of money a glass diffusor. Anyone have experience with diy co2 using citric acid/vinegar and baking soda?

But it is a great option for diy co2. The one that hooks on to two bottles for citric acid and baking soda. Beginning to regret it but i just don't have the moola to spend it on a pressurized system yet.

Pressurized cost 2x the diy solution initially. I've heard others say the aquario neo co2 kit is worth using, but i've not tried that one. Only bad thing about the ladder is it takes up too much space.

The thing is that im setting a tank with this base dimentions: This mix would be something like red clay + worms hummus + vermiculite. Temperature is set at 24c/75f.

Diy with citric acid and bicarbonate or pressurized co2 cylinder. So if 280mv=0 ppm, and 330mv=10,000ppm, it would be impossible to get any meaningful measurements at the 20 or 50 ppm or so range. 3/4” pvc pipe, couplings and elbow.

Bought a diy co2 kit off amazon for $15 which calls for the citric acid + baking soda recipe, which is as follows. Make sure that your water does not exceed 80 f (26 c) which can kill the yeast. Alright, so i just wanted to let you all know that diy co2 for your planted tank is a whole lot easier than you think it is.

A high end tank with shoddy, diy equipment is often more headache than relaxation. Some of parts i have used are listed below: After 3 or 4 days i give it a little shake.

While i haven't tried this newer diy co2 setup, it appears to address several of the problems of the simple diy co2 (yeast, sugar, water & 2l soda bottles without the fancy hardware). You can vary the rate, the volume or the efficency to control the co2 in the aquarium. So i ended up going through the diy co2 route.

A single bottle in a 20 gallon should be ample c02 unless you have very hard water. Lights are diy leds attached to sonoff wifi plug, schedule set for 12 hours. So i bought the diy kit off of amazon.

Rate, volume, efficency and retention. And 1/4 tsp baking soda. Eheim aeh1250319 universal aquarium air pump.

That diy co2 solution uses co2 produced during a reaction of citric acid, baking soda & water rather than co2 from a cartridge, cylinder, or cannister. I figured i would try this one first. In my opinion, most diy co2 are not worth the effort.

Try a really large coke bottle, 20 oz. And the aquarium world seem to be the experts on diy co2. To avoid flow getting into your tank the best way is to rig another bottle between the mixture bottle and the tank.

I would bet the tanks that inspired you to inject co2 are running the highest grade equipment. One weapon is to place around a room interceptors containing exactly the kind of yeast / sugar mix that is used for diy aquarium generators, and bed bugs are attracted to the co2 and get caught. In a diy system the danger is that you use to much yeast in your mixture, and the mixture foams up the lines and into the tank.

I set it up yesterday but made a mistake. For diy co2 you can just get a couple 2 liters, some silicone, airline tubing, yeast, and sugar, and a bubble ladder or airstone. You are far from the first person to voice frustration with these sorts of systems.

Bedbugs are quite a home crisis. For that size i would need 20 liters of soil or more. This method involves using a co2 tank, a regulator, and a needle valve.

Pressurized involves buying a co2 tank, regulator and needle valve which feeds a precise amount of co2(you need this) into the aquarium. I refill my lbs co2 tank once every 6 months at a cost of 6 dollars cdn. I think the kit is a little much, chances are you are going to get tired of the diy method and go full pressurized at some point so save your money on the fancy guages.

6 cups of sugar, 2 tablespoons of yeast and 2 gallons of water. 200 grams baking soda, 6.5oz water. Though it is the most expensive thing to use at startup, in the long run, it is the cheapest.

I was thinking in using the ada aquasoil as a top layer and under it doing a homemade substrate for planted tanks. 200 grams citric acid, 20oz water. In the setup there are sponge filter and activated carbon for two stages before co2 reactor.

All you need is one 2 litre bottle, sugar, water, yeast, airline tubing, hot glue or silicon, and an air stone. One of the recipes i found is a simple yeast, sugar and water mixture. A good alternative is the sweetwater stones from

4.) pressurized co2 injection is perhaps the most effective way of introducing co2 into an aquarium. A 1 liter bottle is enough for a 10 gallon tank.

"equipment wise it's pretty simple. Aquaclear 70 filter

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